WEBTOON Originals: LGBTQIA+ Stories (2024)

Read Diverse stories with these WEBTOON Originals that feature LGBTQIA+ Characters!

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WEBTOON Originals: LGBTQIA+ Stories

  • DaybreakMoosopp8.6MMarcus has a crush, and Cog is completely unprepared for the hijinks that follow. Hopefully in their efforts to grow closer, they can brighten each other's day.
  • Jackson's DiaryPaola Batalla9.5MThe year is 1989, and Jackson is starting his senior year at a brand new school. Even though he's back in his hometown with his new family, he can't seem to shake this ominous and uneasy feeling invading his mind. It's not until he meets the popular kid, Exer, that reality starts to feel more like the work of his imagination.
  • Castle SwimmerWendy Lian Martin25.7MWhat happens when your entire life is ruled by a prophecy – your future foretold by people you’ve never met, who died long before you were born. Such is the story of two young sea creatures. One believed to be a guiding light for his people, a Beacon who will lead them to a bright, prosperous future. The other is a teenage prince for who’s destiny is to KILL the Beacon so that HIS own people might thrive. When both reject the course set for them, it leads to a raucous adventure as big and unpredictable as the ocean itself – and a romance that nobody could have predicted.
  • Not So Shoujo Love StoryCurryuku8MRomance-super-fan Rei Chan is ready for her first boyfriend and she knows just who it'll be: the most handsome boy in school, Hansum Ochinchin. But her plans for the perfect love story are derailed when the most popular girl in class declares herself a rival....for Rei's heart?! This is the year her not so shoujo love story begins!
  • The Prince of SouthlandChris Geroux3.3MDonnie Ali's shiny reputation is soiled the night he kissed an android, for romantic relationships with droids are deemed too dangerous and forbidden. But after his press release, another potential scandal emerges when he saves Jensen, a man on the run from an unknown assailant. Now living under the same roof, and paparazzi on every corner, could this romance be even more disastrous than his first?
  • RoyaleEmmett Hobbes / Hank Jones65,262In this slow-burning heist-turns-horror, gentlefolk thieves Royale and Damascus discover what lurks in the supernatural underbelly of an alternate 1970s London.
  • HyperfocusKip Trevor4MScenes from my life as a trans guy (he/him), illustrated!
  • RealtaRachel Eaton1.1MWhen the world was new, the twelve star signs descended to bless humanity with magic according to their date of birth. Fourteen worthy people, called the “Realta,” were given a star from each Sign that allowed them to receive prophecies of the future called “horoscopes” and summon great power to defeat the Fae: beings that tormented humanity. However, much has changed since Elowen was a child. Magic is illegal, the Fae are getting stronger, and the Realta have been forgotten…until our Virgo meets a certain Capricorn.
  • Here There Be DragonsDisteal / Steve Horton734,579Bree — a Dragonspeaker — receives a message from an ancient, dying dragon that sets her on a perilous journey. Now with the world losing balance, Bree must unite her team of young knights and save the dragon before it's too late...
  • Console HerAICandii318,640Two women. A console. A deal. In exchange for a limited-edition game console, celebrity heiress Claudia will teach the sweet, lovesick Ava how to make it official with the lady of her dreams. The catch? Feelings were not part of the deal.
  • Time and Time AgainDeo I.738,522Every full moon, the rambunctious werewolf Steve is forced to time travel. To his dismay, circ*mstances require that vampire agent Adam keeps Steve from "destroying the entire universe" or whatever. Adam is putting his job and his life on the line for Steve, but despite their best efforts the two find themselves in mortal danger from Steve's uncontrollable abilities and from the unfathomable red tape of Adam's work, time and time again.
  • Be My Villainmintibi4.8MMills is your average high school senior, despite having 2 super-agent dads who take down highly dangerous criminals. But during an attack on the city, his dads' arch nemesis, Shadowmaker, ends up saving his life! Being rescued by a supervillain is strange, but it only gets stranger when Shadowmaker asks him out on a date!
  • High Class hom*osMomozerii10.6MPrincess Sapphia of Mytilene is not into princes. So, when her parents start putting the heat on her to get hitched, she enlists the help of her equally gay best friend, Prince August of Phthia. But will these two royals be able to pull off a convincing sham marriage? More importantly, will Sapphia ever land a date with the castle maids? Follow these high class hom*os as they navigate life, love, and (occasionally) their actual jobs.
  • Winter MoonMerryweather / MAYUI36.9MA gay sorceror and a seductive priestess cross paths in an Online RPG.
  • The Doctors are OutBlau7.1MThe beloved Dr. Matias Guevara tends to his patients in his little neighborhood health clinic, unaware that Dr. Fernando Guevera opened his new veterinary clinic right next door! With their patients confused and their tolerance running thin, the two grown men constantly bicker and compete! Will their similar names and professions cause their rivalry to go untreated, or will they heal each others broken hearts?!
  • Red CompassFrank Calicó66,305Ayeka is a talented, but hot-headed agent for the Deep Garden, a secret organization tasked with exorcising spectral entities known as "Spiders". But when more powerful Spiders start to appear, Ayeka's recklessness will both help and harm her, as she embarks on a journey to discover the secrets of the mysterious Black Compass project. Will she lose herself in her findings? Or will she gain the power to send the Spiders back to Hell?
  • Four LeafLumaga2.2MPulled into a magical world by her enigmatic best friend, Lupe finds herself in the middle of an ongoing battle between witches who seek the remains of the Wolf, and hunters who are after the witches. There's not much Lupe can do to escape her fate; only the Lady of Wishes can send her home... if the legend is true.
  • Of Dark Lords and CabbagesLiyanya2.1MAll Gendry wants is to become Dark King and reclaim the Dark Throne, but as a ward of the Light Kingdom, most people hate his guts and wish to stop him. Except of course, Seyren... Dragon Hero, Protector of the Innocent, and Gendry's incredibly love-struck secret boyfriend.
  • #BlessedM. Victoria Robado2MJoanna is a mid-twenties office girl who likes social media and watered down coffee. While griping about her love life, she accidentally swiped right on a whole Pantheon of Gods and Goddesses! Looking to fulfill an ancient prophecy, only one of them will be able to claim Joanna as their own... after a nice dinner, that is!
  • Branching Outprofzach189,638Twig and Briar never knew the world outside their forest was so big. And the world believed that these two friends no longer existed – they thought the legendary Hexabeto warriors and their super-powered scarab companions went extinct in the last great war. With Twig and Briar and all their family exposed, dangerous threats descend on their home, and the Swamp Queen demands a violent end to their lives. Twig may have the power to right ancient wrongs – but can this peace-loving kid use it?
  • Stray SoulsMaf2.9MThe strings that bind our souls can be used to control us...and others. While Eylin is not particularly good at string weaving, her unique soul structure does make her resistant to magical manipulation. Which, when you're the last person standing between the Amethyst King and his quest for ultimate power, is a very, very good thing...
  • Straylight Tigerflying-frappe607,395When humans can shift into animals, manipulate elemental powers, or possess weapons created from otherworldly metals, things undoubtedly escalate quickly. Still, as an extremist cult emerges to dominate the one city that unites the three species, a powerful corporation recruits a secret task force to challenge them.
  • The Last DimensionLeaglem1MFour classmates stranded on an alien planet work to find a way back home! Monsters, poisonous foods, and a gang of super-powered criminals might make it seem like the odds are against them… luckily, they have powers of their own! Will they make it back to Earth?
  • City of Blank666.8MIn a world where ghostly Blanks can steal your face – and your life – at any moment, a young boy named Rex hunts for his brother’s killer. Cursed with the unique power to physically touch Blanks, Rex starts to uncover darker secrets at the city’s center and in his own past. Will Rex unmask the killer, or will he become just another faceless victim in the City of Blank?
  • The Croakingechorise7.9MThe Roost - the world’s most prestigious military academy - has never accepted a Crow into its ranks. Until now. However, the conditions surrounding Scra’s acceptance are shrouded in conspiracy, and his new roommate Ky won’t rest until he finds out just where he goes every night. Between flight tests, classes, and Murders, Scra, Ky and Ree must band together to uncover the truth about their utopia and the whispers of a superweapon - “The Croaking” - that are seeping from the cracks.

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WEBTOON Originals: LGBTQIA+ Stories (2024)
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