Intel HM77 Express chipset processor support (2024)

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2013-09-11 20:21:41

Posted by: Alex

Is there any problem if the watt goes +10 or -10 after i change my CPU????


2013-12-13 12:08:35

Posted by: dlm

Going below -10 watt is fine. Cpu runs fine. I don't know about above.

Upgrade - Core i3-2328 to Core i7-3610QM

2014-03-26 23:45:25

Posted by: Lobster - From Brazil

I sucessfully upgrade my Acer E1-471-6613 today, this notebook uses a mobo with HM77 Express chipset.
My old processor was a Core i3-2328M (Sandy Bridge). I made an upgrade to Core i7-3610QM (Ivy Bridge) with no problem and it's working fine. I hope this report can help someone.

2014-12-12 15:26:47

Posted by: Knight

How you upgrade ur notebook?? Can you give a hints how to do that?? My note book is Acer and its processor is i3-3217U. And i need help to upgrade my processor.

2016-09-12 03:54:24

Posted by: Lobster - From Brazil

Sorry Knight. If your i3 isn't soldered on mobo, you can.

Very help-full

2015-06-30 05:50:08

Posted by: Benameur

I find a cheap i5 3210m but i dident sure if is compatible with my acer aspire v3-471 laptop with i3 2350m processor
thank's Lobster

2016-09-12 03:56:24

Posted by: Lobster - From Brazil

Hope you have tried it because it would work fine!

Upgrade Issues

2018-03-24 05:12:11

Posted by: Clazified

Hey Lobster, i have same laptop as you.
But i have upgrade my CPU same as yours, but my laptop not respond something
because when i powered on, the fan was spinning for a while and than stop spinning and i don't detected BIOS on my screen. but my laptop still on power.

Upgrade - Core i3-2328 to Core i7-3610QM

2014-03-26 23:45:57

Posted by: Lobster - From Brazil

I sucessfully upgrade my Acer E1-471-6613 today, this notebook uses a mobo with HM77 Express chipset.
My old processor was a Core i3-2328M (Sandy Bridge). I made an upgrade to Core i7-3610QM (Ivy Bridge) with no problem and it's working fine. I hope this report can help someone.

sobre upgrade Acer E1

2017-11-24 22:55:10

Posted by: JonathaTiger

Cara muuuito obrigado, seu comentário ajudou pra caramba!! estava pesquisando há horas e ja estava disposto a comprar. mas seu comentário fez toda a diferença pois eu modelo é identico e meu processador também é o 2328M. Muito obrigado


2014-04-11 22:24:40

Posted by: Lobster - From Brazil

I don't get any problem, Core i3-2328M is 35W TDP and Core i7-3610QM is 45W TDP. It works fine, because the chipset works between 10 - 55W TDP.

2014-06-07 15:18:03

Posted by: Ferraro

Hello, I have a NE56R06b, Intel Core i3 2330M, gateway to want the Core i7-3610QM, need to do BIOS update? The laptop supports this more watts? the chipset that controls the quantity of watt?

Processor: Intel Core i3 2330M
sandy bridge 35w
socket 988b rpga

eg50_hc_hr type2 board version

Chipset: sandy bridge 09
HM 77 04

BIOS: Insyde corp.

2016-09-12 04:03:47

Posted by: Lobster - From Brazil

Hi Ferraro!

I put it on the socket and bang! No bios update at all. Your Gateway specs is pretty similar to my Acer E1-471, you should have no problem.

The HM77 Express chipset has a maximum TDP support of 55W, any Ivy Bridge Core i7 will work because they all have a max 55W TDP.

2016-09-25 20:56:56

Posted by: Rodolfo Candido - From Brazil

Hey Lobster, você sentiu alguma diferença entre a mudança de TDP? Está consumindo mais bateria ou não mudou? Tenho um Gateway NE56R12B que atualmente esta rodando com um i5-3230M (que é a configuração do modelo NE56R13) e estou pensando em comprar um i7-3630QM, mas não sei se minha BIOS vai suportar. Acredito que ela seja igual a sua na verdade, pois seu notebook é igual ao meu, só que com o logo da Acer. Tem como me dar uma ajuda nessas questões? Abraços!!

i7-2670qm on HM77

2014-08-26 23:58:46

Posted by: j500j500

Work my Acer V3-731 Laptop
Replace Cpu B960.

this a video


2015-07-07 04:08:51

Posted by: Moj

I am battling to find cpus form my v3-731 in South Africa.

Any suggestions, i prefer 2nd hand ones as the brand new ones are too expensive. my mail is

I am subscribed to your youtube page also .

Answer - Ferraro

2014-09-06 01:11:52

Posted by: Lobster - From Brazil

I replace without any BIOS update. The HM77 Express works on 35 ~ 55 TDP, maybe all mobos must work fine with +10 TDP.

Unreliable source

2014-11-05 07:09:12

Posted by: Alex2

Something's not right here, cpu-z says my cpu socket is G2 (which is correct) and my chipset is HM77 (sandy bridge) and supported cpu's here are all ivy bridge altho they all fall under HM77...confused.

yes what is the discrepency in the ivy/sandyridge

2014-11-23 17:27:22

Posted by: interested homie

why is this primarily covering ivy support shouldnt it be primarily sandy

2014-11-23 19:10:14

Posted by: Gennadiy

Intel 7-series chipsets, including HM77, were designed primarily to support Ivy Bridge mobile processors. Intel also made it compatible with Sandy Bridge. I guess it was done to help OEM manufacturers to clear their stock of older Sandy Bridge processors, and/or to offer less expensive notebooks.


2015-03-16 12:50:24

Posted by: Henderson

I got a toshiba satellitec55t-a5222 with this chipset ... But I'm not sure if is going to work with the processors that are listed above .. Because it says many differents sockets like G2 and other stuff.. It's hard to explain it, I hope you can help me. Thanks

2016-09-12 04:09:21

Posted by: Lobster - From Brazil

Hey dude, rPGA 988B or G2 is the same thing.


2015-07-10 18:18:44

Posted by: D1

Hi guys,any idea about Toshiba Sattelite U840..?Stock is i3,2377M with TDP only 17w...most of this processors are as mush as twice TDP...any reccomendation?

2016-09-12 04:16:12

Posted by: Lobster - From Brazil


Probably you won't be able to upgrade, netbooks and ultrabooks tend to carrie and ultra low voltage Core ix variant. Some are soldered into the socket also.

Upgrade procesor

2015-10-24 15:58:26

Posted by: Bojan

HI i have e1-531g with b960 procesor . cpuz says i have :
ea50_hc_hr type2 mainboard with hm77 and sandy bridge chipset
I wonder which procesor can i buy as upgrade?
by hm77 almost all i5-i7(second and third gen)
but sandy bridge is for only second gen procesors.

About your upgrade

2016-05-02 15:42:55

Posted by: LAirgod

I put a second gen i5(-2520M) from a sandy bridge QM67 chipset SUCCESSFULLY on an HM77 Ivybridge chipset (same boards-G2) but nowhere could I find if anyones done it or not...LOL My mobo/chipset is backwards compatible but who woulda thought! Wanted to see if a second gen i5 would word on my pc and it did. However, not all mobo's/chipsets are backwards compatible. The only true way to see if it'll work or not, aside from socket types, is to just put it in your mobo and find out lol You never know! Im about to see if a PGA988A first gen i5 will work on my mobo (rPGA988B)...I have a feeling it will. Then, that way I know what I am dealing with when I look at certain specs on CPUs to upgrade. Fun Stuff!

2016-09-12 04:21:35

Posted by: Lobster - From Brazil

At the moment I suggest an i7-2630QM or i7-3610QM, but an i5-3210M will also be a huge and cheap upgrade.

Lenovo B590 users beware

2016-01-26 12:52:28

Posted by: Lelnovo

I tried upgrading the i5-3210M included in my Lenovo B590 to a i7-3610QM but it wouldn't boot. Turns out the BIOS doesn't support i7 processors, even though the HM77 Express chipset does. Beware if you're considering a similar upgrade.

i3-3110 cpu-t cseréltem i7-3632 (35W) cpu-ra

2016-03-30 07:43:37

Posted by: sagvary

i3-3110 cpu-t cseréltem i7-3632 cpu-ra Lenovo E531-ben, hibátlanul működik!

2016-09-12 04:25:14

Posted by: Lobster - From Brazil

Huge upgrade dude, great job!


2016-09-12 04:56:19

Posted by: Lobster - From Brazil

If you're in doubt about upgrading your system, check these steps:

- Make sure you have a Intel HM77 Express chipset
- Check your processor family, look to the final letter ex: i3-2310M, i3-3227U.
- If you have a U family, probably you can't upgrade because of it's lower TDP, they are Ultra Low Power processors.
- Some vendors don't allow an upgrade, do some research on Google to find out if yours will be able.
- The HM77 Express has a maximum TDP of 55W, and all the Sandy/Ivy Bridge family too, so in theory, they're all compatible.
- Maybe you will need to update your bios.

Lastly, take care and be courageous. There's no easy path, I assumed the risk when decide to upgrade and got success. Head up to Google and do a massive search to clean up all your doubts to do it right ok?

Hope this could help someone :)

Troca chipset com mesmo processador !

2017-03-07 15:36:59

Posted by: Rodrigo Oliveira

Mano será se funciona a troca do chipset HM65 para o HM77 sendo que o processador é um i7 de 2 geração ? Se sim será se precisa atualizar a bios ?

Clevo W550eu Chipset

2016-09-18 12:00:17

Posted by: Christiano

Hi all,

I have just purchased a Clevo W550eu chassis and the only information I have regarding it is that it has HM77, I would like some advice about socket and compatibility, the above information shows :

BGA1023 / BGA1224 / Socket G2

are all 3 different and appear on different model of HM77 ?

Thanks in advance

2017-03-03 09:55:13

Posted by: Kostiya

I5 3380m OK!

HM67 to HM77

2017-03-07 15:35:07

Posted by: Rodrigo

I change my chipset HM67 to HM77 and keep same processor i7 2 Gen ! I need to updade my bios or i current keep it ?

upgrade i5 3210M to i7 3740QM possible

2017-05-08 10:13:38

Posted by: Jocelyn

I have a Dell inspiron A900 laptop computer with HM77 chipset,
Bios have been upgrated last version A19.

I'm lookink for upgrade my i5 3210M for i7 3740QM or similar cpu.

This processor is't on list higher. why ?

Is-it possible to upgrade anyway or I must change for anorher ?

thanks !

2017-07-15 13:31:41

Posted by: MJ

Theoretically possible. Try it.


2017-06-20 20:24:15

Posted by: Lucas Rocha

Can i replace Intel I5 3610m for this i7-6500U?

2017-07-15 13:29:50

Posted by: MJ


Successfully upgraded

2017-07-15 13:28:16

Posted by: MJ

I upgraded an acer V3-571G-6602 which had an i5-2450M to an i7-3720QM.
It works as expected and is blazing fast. Note, that the system has an HM77 chipset and the new chip has a +10W TDP compared to the old one. Therefore I don't think that going above TDP will be a problem.

Upgrade 3110m to

2017-10-29 18:01:26

Posted by: Yegrow

I have Lenovo Thinkpad e330 with Core i3 3110m processor.
Can i upgrade to next Core i7 processors:
- i7-3840QM;
- i7-3820QM;
- i7-3740QM;
- i7-3720QM.

2017-11-01 08:21:04

Posted by: MJ

It is possible if you have a HM77 chipset (You probably have it), but I don't recommend doing it. Since I upgraded to 3720QM, I have been having system stability issues like blue screens and memory leaks. It has become a pain in the ass. hehe....

i7 3630qm or higher??

2017-12-13 08:16:48

Posted by: komixboy

I will replace my HM76 motherboard (burned) on my Toshiba C55-A laptop. I have ordered a HM77 mobo hopefully. The CPU I was using was i3-3120m.
Now that I'm doing this change I'm thinking of changing the CPU too.
Should I go to i7-3540m, i7-3632qm, i7 3630qm, or 3610qm?
Or do you have other to propose?

upgrading cpu

2018-01-18 09:40:17

Posted by: steve

i have a hp pavilion envy m6 1150sa
mb is 698388-501
currently running i3 2370m

what would you guys recommend i upgrade to and if any i should avoid



2018-05-03 10:32:46

Posted by: MJ

I upgraded an acer V3-571G-6602 which had an i5-2450M to an i7-3720QM 2017 June.
After more than 6 months with the upgraded laptop I can say that the motherboard can't handle the new CPU well enough. The power delivery system seems to go bonkers if I fire and intensive program or a game.
If anyone want more info sent a mail to general[dot]spacematrix03[@]gmail[dot]com
I'll try if I have time to.


2018-12-28 22:54:33

Posted by: RAFAEL


2018-09-26 13:05:14

Posted by: Umar

I have Lenovo B590 with an i3 3110M and the motherboard is HM77 can I upgrade the CPU

Definitely Yes!

2019-04-16 09:07:42

Posted by: Purnam aka Nitin

Conforming to the TDP of 35W and the latest available via AliExpress, I've been successfully able to upgrade my B590 to a used i7-3632qm ($100 only).

Much better than my previous upgrade of i7-2620m (i.e. 2 cores vs 4 cores and Intel HD 3000 vs 4000)

Keep an eye for the new processor TDP to match 35W and that'd do the favor to the chipset and heat dissipation loads

2018-12-19 17:33:10

Posted by: TigerVlad84

upgraded an acer aspire v3-571 from an i5-3230m to an i7-3630qm. works with no issues, make sure you use decent thermal compound. also i upgraded my hdd to a ssd, that was a better upgrade than the cpu one imo

Successful update from Pentium B960 to i5-3320M SR0MX

2019-07-01 17:20:54

Posted by: Pawel Stempien in/ławep

Posting this becuase nowhere on the internet found similar info. I had to gather all info by myself.
Upgrade one on Acer Aspire E1-531G; Acer EA50_HC_HR MOBO with HM77; BIOS V2.03 and (less important) Microsoft Windows 8.1 Home (x64) Build 9600.

Thx to HWiNFO for more information for free in comparison to AIDA where I found out that MOBO has HM77; MC Extractor v1.34.2 r115 for extracting CPU microcodes available for the 2.21 bios version downloaded from ACER site, that fortunately had them the same as my older 2.03 bios (in case anyone wonders the microcodes are 306A9; 306A8; 306A6; 306A5; 306A4; 206A7; 206A6; then just google for what it stands for like here ) so the 306A9 stands for 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Mobile Processor Family, Intel® Pentium® Mobile Processor Family, and Intel® Celeron® Mobile Processor Family - nice, remember BIOS have to support processor that you want update to; for listing all compatible CPUs with this socket, I have taken the processor with the same TDP (35W), also didn't want to sink too much cash for i7 in case if it would be too much to handle by the power source as this is only fun thing I did for my fiancée not an upgrade for myself, let me know if you have made an attempt with some i7; and last but not least - seach on my local e-commerce site for used CPUs - the i5-3320M was an expense of approx. 14€ or 16$ incl. delivery. had to get also the thermal paste for this; last but not least speed comparison - more than twice the overall rank and 1,5 times better in single core.

Some of the configs for this laptop can be found here:

Next steps is mandatory hard drive swap since overall HDD here is even slower than the previous CPU - some low end Seagate with 5400 RPM - terrible! new will be Adata 512GB SATA Ultimate SU800 is on it's way - fast and budget for this capacity. One thing I'm not sure if will upgrade is RAM since it is 1x4GB DDR3 1333MHz, one option is to get second one like this or 2x8GB DDR3 1600MHz since it can handle up to this much. However this might make little sense as it looks that memory controller doesn't support dual channel.

Successful update from Pentium B960 to i5-3320M SR0MX update

2019-07-06 14:47:55

Posted by: Paweł Stempień in/ławep

Actually it supports dual channel and I got 2x DDR3-1867 / PC3-14900 Crucial 8GB CT102464BF186D.C16. That is unexpected expecially that CPU should support ram up to 1600 but hwinfo says it is running full speed. Weird.

Yes, it does.

2024-02-24 12:29:16

Posted by: Fosgen

North BridgeIntel Ivy Bridge-MB IMC
Intel PlatformChief River
Supported Memory TypesDDR3-1066, DDR3-1333, DDR3-1600, DDR3-1866 SDRAM

i3 3110m Currently, for which can I exchange?

2019-09-06 04:01:12

Posted by: Gabriel Alves

I have a Gateway Ne56R12b
-Intel Core i3 3110m 2.4 MHz Ivy Bridge Processor (RPGA 988B) 35.0 W;
-Motherboard EG50_HC_CR (HM77 CHIPSET).

Can I swap for which Quad-Core i7?
-Core i7-3612QM (35.0 W) 2.1 MHz to 3.1 MHz;
-Core i7-3610QM (45.0 W) 2.3 MHz to 3.3 MHz.
I await the answer!

for future reference

2019-12-18 07:51:32

Posted by: DanCassanelli

I have just upgraded my NE56r06b with a I7 3612QM, It had a I3 2328M previusly installed.

My chipset is a HM77 and the motherboard is a EG_50_HC_HR, with the latest bios update (2.21)

No overheat or any other issue. Works like a charm.

i have cpu intel 1005m

2019-12-18 05:42:37

Posted by: amry

what series i can upgrade to ivy bridge type?

Upgrade lenovo b590

2020-01-31 14:12:38

Posted by: Aleksey

Upgrade Lenovo b590 20208 I currently have i5 3230 installed; I want to install i7 3840; I want to know if such an upgrade is possible

Lenovo B580 CPU upgrade

2020-02-07 08:28:55

Posted by: Chris


I have an old Lenovo B580 laptop with an i3-3110M processor. I would like to know what is the maximum CPU I can upgrade to.

According to the probabilities on this site I get a 77% match with an i5-3380M.

I am hoping to upgrade to a 4core i7

Thank you

Replace processor

2020-04-17 01:08:34

Posted by: Vadim

I have Lenovo B590 and it’s worth P2030M and I would like to install i7 3630QM, will it pull

Upgrade from core i3 2348m

2020-07-31 22:56:16

Posted by: Diego

can i upgrade to ivy bridge processors if i have sandy bridge chipset hm 77?

Can i Upgrade?

2020-09-16 13:26:51

Posted by: Marshall

HI i want to upgrade my cpu i3-3120M to i7-3632QM is possible?
i know from lenovo page that this model thinkpad e431 comes with a i3-2348M, i3-3120M, i5-3230M or i7-3632QM.
i've checked in lenovo support page and the model with i7-3632QM have the same BIOS (HEET34WW) but in my laptop when i get in the BIOS i don't see some related to turbo bost or else, maybe that option only appears when a turbo bost cpu is conected.
i need the upgrade because in this notebook i have licences for one pc only, and i dont want to pay again.
SocketSocket 988B rPGA
North BridgeIntel Ivy Bridge rev 09
South BridgeIntel HM77 rev 04


2023-08-11 17:31:34

Posted by: Juanceto01

If your processor isnt soldered to the motherboard on your laptop, you should be able to change it like a normal PC, you should be able to since I have a laptop with the same processor I3-3120M and it isnt soldered to the board

Update CPU

2020-10-08 23:13:29

Posted by: thegamr

i want to upgrade my intel core i3 2328m cpu to a 3rd gen i3
(3110m) I know it is a weird update but the igpu of that 2328 is obsolete and I cannot move some apps that require directx 11 / ogl 4 because the igpu only supports directx 10.1 and ogl 3.1
(my laptop: lenovo thinkpad e530c)

sucess upgrade

2020-11-23 15:52:42

Posted by: risomas

today sucessfully upgraded dell with i5-3340 to i7-3820. Just swap cpu. I also increased ram to 16GB.

Upgrade i3 2348M CPU

2020-12-21 21:30:00

Posted by: Kubah

Hello, I want to upgrade my Acer v3-471 laptop to a higher cpu but I don't know which one is the best and compatible

I already upgraded my laptop ram from 2gb to 10gb ddr3 and also upgraded from hdd to SSD

Please help me choosing the best cpu

2020-12-30 23:55:08

Posted by: BRASIL

Estou com a mesma dúvida, tenho um ACER E1- 471 com i3 2348 e gostaria de mudá-lo para um core i7.... Qual o melhor core i7 que posso colocar nele?


2021-02-14 11:49:26

Posted by: No es nezezari0

Hola, tengo la duda de que si puede ser posible cambiar a mi prosesador a esa i7 3610QM al mismo socket de la placa madre a mi laptop :)


2021-02-14 11:49:27

Posted by: No es nezezari0

Hola, tengo la duda de que si puede ser posible cambiar a mi prosesador a esa i7 3610QM al mismo socket de la placa madre a mi laptop :)

Successfully upgraded from i5 3230m to i7 3612qm

2021-02-23 03:36:47

Posted by: NewProcessor


I have a Gateway notebook of model Acer E1-571 (board model EA50_HC_CR) and byos version V.2.21. It used a Intel I5 3230m. Last week I bought a I7 3612qm to replace the older processor.

The new processor worked with no problem!

Lenovo g500 to i7 3630qm

2021-03-16 06:18:17

Posted by: Raviel

I replaced an i3-3110m (non-soldered) with an i7-3630qm on a lenovo g500 with an HM77 chipset latest bios version (V2.03). The tdp coming from the i3 has increased by +10w (45w the i7) and so the temperature by a max of 10°. The upgrade if perfectly fine but i would not recommend doing it if you had a bad aircooling also before the change or if you want to preserve the battery life.

2021-05-27 11:45:26

Posted by: Dimitry6552

lenovo e530 в стоке i5 2520m и gt630m. HM77. поставил i7 3612qm, работает!

I3 2348M para i7 3610QM (ACER E1 471)

2021-07-05 01:25:12

Posted by: Brasil

Troquei um I3 2348M (35W) por um i7 3610QM (45W) no meu Acer E1-471.
Desativei o turbo Boost do i7. Ele funciona perfeitamente, e esquenta menos que o meu antigo i3 2348M de 35W. Pois ele trabalha com folga.

O segredo é desativar o Turbo Boost nas opções de Energia.
Se quer ativar o Turbo Boost, saiba que vai esquentar, então use uma boa pasta térmica.

Aspire V3 471G 6614

2021-07-08 01:33:21

Posted by: Aspire V3

Hola a todos quisiera cambiar el procesador actual: i3-2348M 2.3 por un procesador i7-3940XM se puede ?
por lo leido arriba aguanta la temperatura de 55 que tiene el i7 pero no me quiero arriesgar a perder tanto dinero por un procesador que no funcionara.
el modelo que tengo es un Aspire V3 471G 6614

Aspire V3 471G 6614

2021-07-08 01:46:58

Posted by: Aspire V3

Aprovechando el vuelo la placa madre dice por especificaciones que permite hasta 8 gb de upgrade, si yo le instalo mas de los 8 permitidos el pc andara mas rapido con sus procesos o siempre me trabajara con 8 gb maximos para sus procesos?

Acer P253-M - HM77 Express - i5-2450M

2021-07-10 09:06:46

Posted by: hutmacher


confirming that the Acer P253-M can run SandyBridge-i5. Upgraded from a i3-3110M because the i5 is slighty better and was laying around anyway from a other broken device.

Best Regards


2021-08-04 11:15:23

Posted by: Csaba

Hi guys,
My old motherboard of V3-571G seems to be burned out, and i want to buy a new one, but if it possible, with better cpu. i found on aliexpress an Q5WV1 LA-7912P MB With SLJ8C HM77 for that, and i would like to know, what kind of processor are recommended for that. In my old one there is an i3, but still dont know what types. I will watch for it if its needed. Thank you for all advices!

Your sincerelly, Csaba.


2021-10-17 21:32:53

Posted by: Yatto Monttes

someone who alludes me I don't know much about the subject ...
I have a lenovo thinkpad edge e530 with an ivy bridge chipset and a southbridge hm77 with an i7-3612qm processor at 35W, which is the maximum processor that I can put on it but without having problems, see that it could go up + 10w without having problems, then could you put the i7-3840qm ..?


2021-10-17 21:33:34

Posted by: Yatto Monttes

someone who alludes me I don't know much about the subject ...
I have a lenovo thinkpad edge e530 with an ivy bridge chipset and a southbridge hm77 with an i7-3612qm processor at 35W, which is the maximum processor that I can put on it but without having problems, see that it could go up + 10w without having problems, then could you put the i7-3840qm ..?

Lenovo B580

2022-01-12 12:36:23

Posted by: Дмитрий

Someone tried replacing i5-3210m to i7-38**QM? As for i7-36**QM I see it's OK(as written in the comments), but interested in 8Mb cache.

Is my PC upgradable

2022-04-07 08:36:17

Posted by: Enelo B

i have a Acer aspire v3 571-32348G1 and i would like to know if i could upgrade from a Core I3 2348M to a Core I7 3610QM , i have checked and confirmed that i have a HM77 Express chipset and bios version v2.14


2022-09-12 14:45:01

Posted by: XxX

you'd better look at 3612QM or 3632QM


2022-12-24 16:43:43

Posted by: Tigas

Atualmente estou com um i5-3320m e estou no aguardo do i7-3840qm chegar, vou utilizar em um notebook acer E1 571 6854, assim que chegar o processador e eu testar trago a atualização se funcionou, qualquer coisa me chamem no gmail: Antcristo2k19 @ gmail

Upgrade i3-2328m to i7-3612qm

2023-03-30 11:56:12

Posted by: mramos

I upgrade my laptop Acer E1-471-6613 today. I replace my old i3-2328m 2cores/4threads to i7-3612qm 4cores/8 threads.

BIOS: v2.03
Motherboard: EA_40_HC
Chipset: HM77

The new CPU is working fast!


2023-04-15 09:29:43

Posted by: brank

is it mandatory to upgrade the BIOS

i7 2860 QM

2023-06-08 13:54:11

Posted by: Lorrego

Works Fine, i will go for a i7-3940XM and if it works i write here, i have a v3-471G-6614


2023-06-28 17:08:53

Posted by: Lorrego

it works just fine in that model of laptop the procesor i7-3940XM it works !

2023-06-29 05:46:52

Posted by: heio8

please can i put for exemple i5 5520 m on HM77 ?

2023-08-11 17:36:11

Posted by: Juanceto01

I dont think you can since the HM77 doesnt support 4th gen I5 processors and their sockets neither do, maybe you could do it if you manage to change the chipset by another one, but that wouldnt change the fact that the socket doesnt support it xd

Upgrade no Thinkpad T430

2023-08-26 09:47:59

Posted by: Daniel dos Santos Rodrigues Barata

Recentemente, sair de UM processador i5-3320QM para um I7-3612QM é funcionou normalmente, porém por se tratar de um processador de maior consumo o sistema da lenovo bloqueou a utilização simultanea da fonte para carregamento da bateria, enquanto utilizar o seu computador. Dessa forma, é possível fazer apenas um, sendo assim se remover a bateria do notebook, ele aceita imediatamente o fonte. No meu caso, a fonte atual é de 65W, logo para sustentar todo o sistema terei que adquirir uma de 90W para cima para manter uma folgar.

2023-09-21 16:26:38

Posted by: Lenn

I have i7 3632QM is it ok to buy Intel Core i7-3940XM CPU ?

ACER Aspire E1-571-6644

2023-11-20 15:29:38

Posted by: Elizeu Rodrigues

Olá, Passando aqui para deixar minha experiência e quem sabe motivar e ajudar alguém.
Tenho um ACER Aspire E1-571-6644, versão da BIOS V2.10, chipset HM77, e estava com i3 2320M, fiz um upgrade para Intel i7 3840M e ficou muito bom, mudou meu note e ficou mais ágil, e fiz uma combinação de upgrade de 4gb para 8gbram, e coloquei um ssd 240gb, ficou top, deu uma sobrevida.
Um único detalhe é a temperatura, passa dos 70° navegando na internet, acho que vou ter trocar o cooler do processador, mas não sei ainda se é possível.

i3 2348m to i5 2540m - chipset HM77

2023-12-20 13:56:27

Posted by: Andre Ribeiro

I had done the change of i3 2348m for i5 2540m with success.
My laptop is an acer E1-571-6601, with chipset HM77.

Dell Latitude E5430

2024-06-12 04:12:50

Posted by: Arry

Intel i7-3840QM cpu is fully support my laptop. No error report even heavy use such as playing game Roblox, Asphalt Legend 9 racing car. No crash at all and even no frezz or blue screen and still using it year 2024. The cpu temperature rise up till 80+ deg C not more than 90 deg + and using thermal paste gizzly. My laptop also does not feel hot.

Intel HM77 Express chipset processor support (2024)
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